Business coaching is all about taking action. In management and leadership, decisions have to be made. They may not always be popular; they may not always workout 100% the way you wanted them to. However, you can always live with the reality, knowledge, fact, realisation that you did something about it!

Let's face it, how did you get to the stage when you first thought; 'I might have to make a decision or take some action'?

Is Doing Nothing Really a Viable Decision?

There's evidence to support this certainly and the saying that accompanies this will be along the lines of 'Well it certainly won't get any worse if I do nothing - I hope' or 'Let's just wait a while longer and see what happens'.

Now these are all viable options that need to be weighed up then fed through your problem solving and decision making models. However, we still come back to the reality of: now we're here, I've got to take action and sometimes doing nothing can be the correct action to take.


Business coaching is an experience that allows you to: Look at the Vision you desire, identify the Obstacles that you put in the way, Re-construct the obstacles to help overcome them and then decide on the necessary Action steps that need to be taken to achieve - VORA.

VORA is a proven and forward thinking business coaching model. We all know GROW, TGROW, GROWN and that many business coaches get hung up around the reality stage. Well, VORA doesn't do that; it focuses on the vision you have and creates that image so vividly that you can succinctly articulate it. Within business coaching, it's important that the ecology of what you're striving to achieve is looked into and the obstacles that you, circumstance, fate, policy, economy and more may put in your way.

By re-constructing the challenges you face, you'll be able to anticipate and plan for them and sometimes even accept them but, even more importantly, to take Action to achieve your Vision therefore making it a reality. That is the power of Action Business Coaching.

Business Coaching from the Business Learning Foundation

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