Performance Reviews In Business

Performance reviews can often be a time of anxiety for both employees and for managers themselves. The conducting of performance reviews is covered on a number of different business coaching courses which aim to teach managers and supervisors how to use business coaching to get the most out of their employees and subsequently improve their performance in the workplace.

Performance Reviews Can Be Stressful

Performance reviews can sometimes cause anxiety for managers and employees, especially if they are performed fairly infrequently with long periods of time in between. As far as employees are concerned, not only will they be unfamiliar with what is about to take place, they are also likely to be worried about what the manager is going to say to them as it was such a long time since they last spoke that they are unsure about whether they have been doing a good job or not.

Managers Can Also Be Anxious

As far as managers are concerned, they are also likely to be anxious if they only conduct performance reviews every so often such as once a year. Not only will they not be used to sitting down one to one with employees perhaps, but they may also have anxiety about delivering negative feedback, particularly if the employee has no idea that they were doing something that did not meet the expectations of the manager, which they undoubtedly would do if they received regular business coaching and performance updates throughout the year. The manager may also be struggling to remember what the employee has or has not done over the last twelve months and are anxiously trying to think of things to write for their review. Again, this could be avoided by performing regular review sessions and meetings in which the manager makes brief notes which can then all be used as a basis upon which to write an annual performance review for the worker.