One-to-One Business Coaching

Whether it be a spontaneous lunch session or a structured and planned meeting, the best business coaching sessions are one-to-one meetings, as this allows for the interactive two-way discussions which are so critical to the business coaching process. It is important not to confuse this with team building and team development programmes which are essential for developing team working and communication skills amongst a group of workers; but when it comes to business coaching and its primary objective of seeking to identify issues and introduce steps to overcome them, this is best done on an individual basis as each employee will have a different set of issues and circumstances which motivate and de-motivate them.

Managers Need to Find the Time for Business Coaching

It can be hard for busy mangers who have very little spare time during the day to have individual one-to-one-coaching sessions and meetings with their employees, but it is important for them to try and find the time to fit them in. It is likely that much of the manager's time is taken up by dealing with small issues and problems which frequently recur. It may be the case that taking a bit of time now to teach somebody how to do it and empower them with the authority to do it will save time in the long run (Related management training article: Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain.

Even if the one-to-one meeting is not a spur-of-the-moment call to action as they pass an employee in the corridor for example, managers with little time may set out with the good intention of arranging a dedicated meeting with the individual but if they are constantly interrupted with problems then the communication and two-way flow of ideas which is so critical for business coaching to be effective will be lost.