Making Written Records of Business Coaching Sessions

Business coaching sessions are designed to be informal discussions by nature, but this does not mean that written notes cannot be made. In fact, it is recommended that a manager who provides business coaching to their employees does in fact make a small written record of the feedback that they give to their workers, especially after the completion of a significant project or task.

This written record will provide a much better way of keeping track and monitoring the progress of an employee than the manager having to remember it all in their head, which will be particularly difficult if they are responsible for a large number of people. Not only will it be useful for tracking their development, but it will also be extremely handy when it comes to writing annual performance reviews as the manager can simply refer to these written notes instead of having to rack their brains trying to remember things that people have done throughout the year! It will also greatly reduce the potential for confusion or people being attributed with the wrong actions like they could easily be if the manager had to try and remember who did what all those months ago.

From a manager's personal point of view, keeping a record of the constructive feedback they have provided to the employee in previous business coaching meetings will enable them to track how the employee is attempting to change, and how different they are behaving or acting in the workplace now compared to back then.