Business Coaching, Motivation & Staff Retention

One of the lasting legacies of providing business coaching to employees is (hopefully) an increase in their morale and motivation when it comes to their work. Often the need for business coaching arises from the person not giving their all or facing obstacles and challenges which prevent them from fulfilling their maximum potential. This nearly always results in a significant fall in their motivation as they become frustrated or feel as if their talents are going to waste. It can also drive them towards seeking alternative employment where these obstructions do not exist and they can better utilise their skills, which results in the business losing their most talented members of staff. This is likely to have a serious detrimental effect upon the business in the long term as their best people leave, as not only will they themselves not have them, but they are likely to remain in the same industry which means going to a competitor, so the effects are a double-whammy.

Why Provide Business Coaching?

Providing an employee or employees with business coaching - either the manager themselves providing it or an external business coach who is brought in - can help to work towards overcoming the issues that are causing the problems which will result in an increase in their motivation as they finally see a resolution to them on the horizon. As the business coach will guide and encourage the employee to come up with action plans primarily by themselves rather then telling them what to do, they will be highly motivated to make these changes a success.