Business Coaching and Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are an important part of the process for a manager who conducts business coaching with one or more of their employees. These reviews allow both the manager and the employee to evaluate how well or unsuccessfully the worker has achieved the targets and goals which were discussed and set at the previous performance review meeting.

During these meetings it is highly beneficial for the manager to make written notes so that they have a record of what was said and the plan for the future targets set with the employee, otherwise they will have to rely on their memory which will be far from perfect.

Conducting Reviews More Than Once Per Year

Many managers will conduct performance reviews and business coaching sessions once a year. Whilst this may be acceptable for some companies and managers, many will prefer to conduct performance reviews on a more regular basis. Not only will this save the manager from having to remember things from the last meeting twelve months ago, much of which they are likely to have forgotten unless they did indeed make detailed notes as a record of the session, but it is also fairly certain that a lot of stuff goes on in a year and more frequent reviews may be better as they will focus on this shorter period rather than trying to review and evaluate a whole year's worth of activity in one long session. Business coaching can often be more effective when it is conducted in regular, shorter sessions that allow both sides to concentrate on specific issues rather than one-off get-togethers which try and cover a multitude of goings on.