Business Coaching Encourages Employee Initiative

The process of problem solving is a time when the business coach can utilise the questioning method of developing an individual. Instead of giving the person the answers to the issues and queries they have, the coach will put questions to the person receiving the coaching with the intention of having them work through the problem and come up with the answers to the problems themselves. By doing this they will become more and more accustomed to using their own initiative to solve issues rather than bringing every single thing to the attention of the manager and relying on them to provide all of the answers.

A Manager Will Not Have Time to Deal With Every Single Problem

For the majority of employees the safest option is to go to the manager with every problem so that they make the decision. This will be borne out of a fear of doing the wrong thing and incurring the wrath of the manager, or even having the manager available to blame if it all turns out badly as they were the ones that told them to do it in this manner. Workers will feel like they are taking the correct course of action by referring everything to their manager to deal with. Unfortunately many managers will struggle to find enough time to fit all of their own tasks into the working day, nevermind all of the issues that their employees bring to them as well! This means that whilst they would like to be informed of serious issues and have a general eye on what is going on, they would in fact prefer staff to competently tackle problems by themselves and implement a suitable solution and course of action without the manager having to get involved in it at all.

This is where business coaching can prove to be highly beneficial to both the manager in terms of freeing up precious time and less hassle, but also to the employee as it develops their ability to work on their own and solve problems by themselves without requiring assistance.