For managers who engage in business coaching with their employees, one of the fundamental components will involve the setting of targets and objectives for them to achieve. It is important that these targets are set WITH the employee as a result of having meaningful discussions rather than just simply issued to them and telling them to get on with it or else.

This can often be hard for managers to do, particularly if they are an inexperienced or a new manager who has little to no experience in managing people or setting goals and objectives for others, and it can be difficult for them to know where to start or how to go about it. In this case it can be extremely beneficial for the manager to practice on themselves first by looking at their own tasks and duties and setting themselves goals to try and achieve. These goals should not simply be random meaningless ones just for the sake of practice, but should have the intention of developing the skills and effectiveness of the manager. By doing this and measuring their own performance in terms of how well or otherwise they have achieved the targets and calculating how beneficial it has been for the business, they will be in a much more capable position when it comes to using the same technique on others in a business coaching environment.

By doing this not only will the manager gain experience in how to assess, set and measure goals and targets, but will also further their own skills set and management ability.