Employees Need to be Part of the Target Setting Process

When it comes to the setting of performance targets and goals for employees at the end of a business coaching session it is important that these goals and targets are determined with the employee rather than the coach or manager setting them for the person to do. This is because if the employee is simply given a list of targets they may not be motivated to achieve them, particularly if they consider them to be too difficult to ever attain. If the manager or coach has given them the targets to achieve then the employee can just blame the manager for setting unrealistic targets.

Higher Motivation to Succeed When Not Dictated To

However, if the desired targets and outcomes are discussed with the person during the business coaching sessions and are set with their input and consent, then they are much more likely to take ownership of them and work hard towards their achievement, as if they did not think they were attainable then they should have said so in the session before they were set.

A Good Business Coach Will Also Provide Guidance

A good coach will provide the guidance required for the person to largely come up with their own goals and targets in accordance with what the long term objective of the business is. This will almost certainly give them much more motivation to achieve the targets as they will feel responsible for their setting. This responsibility and commitment building amongst workers is one of the primary objectives of business coaching and in itself will be a significant step in the development of company employees.