Dedicated Employees Make Far Better Workers

A manager will strive to have employees who have high levels of commitment and dedication, both to the organisation itself and to the manager. Employees who have little motivation will often do a poor job, and wait to be told what to do by the manager. This greatly increases the work load on the manager as not only do they have to make time to explain every little task to their workers, they will also have to waste a lot of time checking, making corrections and re-explaining what needs to be done, and then checking again once the revised version has been completed.

Employees who have high levels of commitment show drive and work hard, often completing a task in a far shorted amount of time than a de-motivated employee. They also have higher levels of initiative, and are likely to devise and implement solutions to problems themselves without bothering the manager. Although it is important that the manager needs to keep an eye on what is happening to make sure that the employee is not going completely off at a tangent, having a worker who solves issues themselves without bothering the manager with every little thing allows the manager to focus more of their attention on other things, which is not only better for their health, but is more conducive to the smooth function and future performance of the specific department or company.

Employees who are committed to the company are also much less likely to look for another job or be tempted away by a head hunter, as they will feel a certain desire to 'see the job through' and be there when the company succeeds fulfils its goals from the seeds which they originally sowed.

Using Business Coaching to Identify Motivation and Commitment Issues

Business coaching can help employees identify issues and problems which are holding them back from being fully committed to the organisation. By overcoming these barriers, the person in question is likely to become more motivated and more willing to work hard and help the company achieve future success.