What is Business Coaching?

As a business coaching organisation, one of the questions we most frequently get asked is: 'what is business coaching?' It's a fair question to ask as the term itself is a little nondescript. It's a bit like saying "I'm a business consultant". Largely, you're still no wiser in what they actually do.

Business coaching is the single most efficient and effective return on investment (ROI) you can get from any type of personal development.

Why Business Coaching?

Business coaching focuses on the individual to accelerate success through a bespoked 1 to 1 business conversation.

Business coaching is based initially in the now moving to the future, dealing with your biggest current business challenge and taking action to overcome it.

Business coaching is time efficient, focusing solely on you. 1-to-1 business coaching and executive coaching sessions allow you to achieve more in less time, when there isn't a training room full participants vying for attention.

Business coaching is cost effective. Through a 1 to 1 coaching relationship; you'll be focused on overcoming your business challenge with high commitment.

How Does Business Coaching Differentiate Itself?

Business coaching is not training. Training normally involves a group of delegates, and is usually a one off event or part of an on-going programme. Business coaching is 1 to 1 and you can have as many sessions as you need.

Business coaching is not therapy, even though it's very therapeutic knowing that you're tackling your business challenges head on by taking action.

Business coaching is not a fad. You may have the first couple of sessions closer together but the relationship can go on for as long as YOU are getting benefit from it. Your business coach is there to help you achieve what you need, want, and have to.

Business coaching is not intrusive. You and your business coach may discuss a variety of topics ranging from performance, motivation, work relationships and more. They will also challenge you to be as open and honest as possible, but they will not tread on the values and beliefs that you hold dear.

For more information regarding business coaching and how we can assist you and your organisation, please use the links at the top of the page to navigate around the site, and to view details of our open courses such as the ILM Level 5 coaching course. Alternatively, contact us by telephone on 0844 800 3295 or send us an online contact form.