Constructive Feedback is a Key Component of Business Coaching

An integral part of the whole business coaching process is the giving of constructive feedback to an employee as to how they are performing. One of, and perhaps the most important, objectives of business coaching is to develop a person and enable them to maximise their potential in the workplace. This is done primarily through the individual and their business coach discussing the issues that the person has and setting goals and objectives which work towards breaking down these barriers.

Receiving Feedback on Changes Implemented

Between the business coaching sessions the individual will try and implement the changes that were discussed. It may also be the case that the person is being given more responsibility and authority, such as having a task delegated to them. In either case the individual will need to receive constructive feedback on how they are performing and to what extent they are satisfying the objectives set. It is of little use in simply receiving praise or criticism on its own; it must also be accompanied by the reasons as to why the person has done a good job or not done so well, as they will either need to carry on as they are or make some changes in what they do.

Give Feedback Before Too Much Time Passes

It is also important that the feedback is given in a regular and timely manner. If too much time passes and the individual is going off at a tangent and not doing the task correctly, not only will it be a waste of their time but can cost the company a lot of money in wasted resources if the whole thing needs doing again.

Delivering Feedback in the Right Way

Giving good and effective feedback often goes hand-in-hand with a proficiency in the communication skills of the coach. Most especially when it comes to giving negative feedback, delivering it in an abrasive or belittling manner can be extremely discouraging and cause a major rift between the coach, who is often a manager, and the employee which will make working together in the future difficult.