Action Plans in Business Coaching

A business coaching training session is likely to conclude with an action plan or objectives for the person being coached to achieve before the next session. This is because simply talking about problems and the possible remedies is often not good enough; rather, action plans need to be devised and implemented in order to bring about the positive long-term change that is desired.

Setting Goals and Following-Up Progress

Setting goals and asking the person to do them when they are back in the workplace is fine, but it is far from ideal. For a start they may simply not do them, or do some without others. Even if they do the tasks, they may not do them totally correctly or may be confused after receiving the results and unsure of what to do or what direction to go in next. For these reasons and others, it is vital that business coaching sessions which have concluded with objectives and steps for the person to take are then followed up with at least one meeting later on to evaluate the success or otherwise of the person's efforts.

Follow up meetings should be scheduled at the end of the session rather than simply arranged at a later date as it gives the person being coached a definitive window of time within which to achieve what they have said they will do. It also prevents them or the business coach forgetting to meet again and performing the evaluation of how the person has gotten on if the time and date of the next session is arranged then and there.