Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gain

If you are a manager with a busy schedule, you may be reluctant to set aside time to provide mentoring to your employees. However these short term requirements on your time will usually result in significant benefits in the long term as employees can use the valuable information you have imparted to them from your experiences and knowledge to solve problems themselves rather than having to bother you with every small issue.

Mentoring Helps Employees Overcome Issues Themselves

Mentoring should not be seen as a way to remove problems from employees, as the only way they can be removed is by taking the responsibility off them and onto somebody else, which is not ideal, especially as this person is likely to be you the manager! Instead, mentoring should lead to the creation of a plan or method of working which allows the employee to tackle the problem themselves by using their own initiative. It is important to remember that business coaching and mentoring are different things entirely to training courses. Whereas training courses are designed specifically to teach people how to do aspects of their job, coaching and mentoring is more concerned with getting the person to offer their own input and contribute to the solution to certain issues and problems, with the support and advice of the coach.

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