A Manager Needs to Find The Right Balance with Each Staff Member

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to business coaching and the frequency with which feedback should be given to employees. Too much and the employee may feel like they are being constantly watched and micro-managed, whereas too little can give them the impression that their manager does not really care about what they are up to, which can lead to them thinking that the work they are doing is not that valuable to the organisation. It may be the case that they are so trusted by the manager that they are comfortable leaving them largely to their own devices, but it is still nice to hear occasionally that what you are doing is good and of value to the business.

Giving Timely Feedback and Scheduling Future Business Coaching Sessions

Generally, giving feedback is a good idea after a significant event or completion of a project, in order to tell the employee what they have done well or what could have been improved. This is likely to be far more effective than doing it at a randomly scheduled date in the future when many of the key points may have been forgotten. Also, it may be a good idea to schedule more feedback sessions with employees who are new to the company. Those who have been there for a long time will have a much greater understanding of what is expected of them, the correct procedures and channels etc, and so are unlikely to require as much coaching or feedback sessions as a new employee who may need some guidance on how to do things in the manner that is desired.