Managers Need to be Approachable

When it comes to developing a rapport and being seen as approachable - which will greatly enhance the success of future business coaching programmes - it is important that managers take the time to be seen and come out of their office to talk with employees about both work and non-work related matters.

As well as achieving the objective of increasing their perceived level of approachability, taking the time to come out of their room and walk around the office or workplace also has another benefit in that it allows the manager to get a much better idea and understanding of exactly what happens in the workplace. This may help them to identify certain issues or factors which could be changed or modified in order to improve the operations of the business, such as changing the layout of the workspace.

Being In and Amongst Workers Helps a Manager Learn About Problems

More importantly with regards to business coaching, taking the time to observe and listen to employees as they go about their duties will give the manager a much greater understanding of the type of people they are, what motivates them, what they are struggling to do, what is preventing them achieving certain objectives and so on. This is all vital information which can be used during the business coaching sessions to achieve certain goals such as raising motivation and increasing their performance.