The Best Managers Have a Good Rapport with Employees

As mentioned in other articles, one of the critical elements to successful business coaching between a manager and members of their workforce is the development of trust and the ability to have a constructive dialogue about issues which are preventing those workers from fulfilling their maximum potential at work.

Open Door Policy - Make Sure it Actually Is!

One way in which managers attempt to increase their level of approachability is to declare themselves as having an open door policy, by which they mean that employees are welcome to drop in whenever the door is open to discuss things. This policy is a good first step in the building of a rapport with workers but in order to be effective and achieve the desired objectives there are certain factors to take into consideration.

If a manager decides to have an open door policy, then they must truly buy into it and actually want it to take place. Of course there will be times when the manager has his or her door open but is right in the middle of something and does not have the time to be disturbed, but if this happens every time an employee wishes to talk, or the manager sighs and makes it painfully obvious that they cannot really be bothered with the problems their employees are having, then their aspiration of being seen to be approachable will be quickly eroded and staff will soon begin to stay away.

Even if a manager tells workers that their door is always open, if they shut themselves away in their office and never really venture outside of it very often and do not really converse with anyone except for short work-related matters, employees will begin to regard the manager's office as an unwelcoming lair into which they should not venture, which is definitely not conducive for an approachable manager and their stated open-door policy. The manager needs to take the time to go out and be seen by their staff and ensure that they have informal chats about both work and non-work-related subjects. By doing this - so long as they do it right of course and do not start arguing or falling out with people! - they will appear far more approachable which will make the business coaching process in the future far easier and have much greater effectiveness.