Why are Regular Performance Reviews Important?

From a business coaching perspective, it is essential that a manager performs regular reviews with the employee or employees that they tasked with a certain project. If this does not happen, then it is highly likely that one or both of the following will happen:

1) The employee(s) will go off at a tangent and complete the project incorrectly and to different parameters than are required. This may be just a slight divergence at the start, but left uncorrected it can get worse and worse, and may be so far gone or there may be so little time left when it is discovered that it cannot be undone.

By performing regular reviews and providing frequent coaching sessions the manager can prevent or correct any work and get the project back on track before too mach damage is done. These reviews also allow the manager to identify any potential areas of improvement that may currently be an issue or are likely to be a problem in the future and put suitable provisions in place such as additional training or making extra resources available.

2) The employee(s) feel that what they are working on does not really matter if the manager cannot be bothered to find the time to check on progress. Even if the manager placed total trust in the employee(s), if they do not communicate this to them then it is likely not to be known. Whilst micromanagement and over-checking can be detrimental to the morale of workers, so too can under-management by leaving staff to fend for themselves. A good business coach and manager will recognise that they need to act like a parent teaching their child to ride a bike for the first time; they need to there in the background ready to catch them should they begin to fall, but also need to be able to step back and let them go when they are doing it correctly and managing things quite happily by themselves.