A Lot of Managers Micromanage ...

Employees in a business often resent it when everything they do is scrutinised as if they are not trusted. This can lead to low morale and reduced performance, which can become a vicious circle as the more mistakes and poor quality work they produce the more a manager will feel they need to supervise them!

... However Some Do Not Manage Enough!

At the other end of the spectrum though, employees can also become a bit disillusioned if they are given no guidance or feedback on what they have done and what they should be doing. They can feel as if what they are doing is of no importance if managers aren't bothered enough to take the time to review what they've done. Also, workers may be going off at a tangent or concentrating their efforts on trying to achieve results which are not completely aligned with the objectives of the business, and failing to provide feedback will mean they carry on going in the wrong (even if only slightly wrong) direction.

Managers Who Receive Business Coaching Can Often Strike The Best Balance

A manager who has received business coaching training will understand that communication and feedback between management and worker is essential for a company which is serious about achieving meaningful goals. Not only will this communication allow managers to let employees know where they are going wrong, but it also allows an opportunity for employees to raise any issues or concerns, and say what assistance they require. Making this a continuous and regular process will ensure that issues can be resolved in a timely manner, rather than being saved up until yearly staff appraisals or team meetings.

If they are performed in the right manner, regular business coaching sessions between managers and those they are responsible for will allow for better two-way feedback and communication, as well as enabling issues and problems to be tackled in a timely manner.