Managers Need to Avoid Distancing Themselves From Employees

We have already seen here that to develop a rapport with employees, not to mention getting a better understanding of exactly what happens in the workplace, a manager needs to regularly take the time to step out of their office and get amongst their employees to discuss both work and non work related topics.

But what about those workers who are not based in the same place of work as the manager such as salespeople or those who work mainly from home? In this case, it is still vitally important for the manager to communicate with these workers, perhaps even more so than with those based at the same location as themselves, as they do not have the same opportunity to talk with the manager. It is all too easy for an externally-based employee to not work as hard as they should or go off at a tangent to what they should be doing because they are not supervised as closely as those located in the same building as the manager.

An Open Door Policy... But By Phone for Distant Employees

To combat this, managers need to ensure that any open door policy they may have for workers in the same building extends to those not in the same location by way of making use of the telephone. Having regular phone calls with these workers will help to develop the same rapport and air of approachability as is the intended goal with employees in the building. Again, by having both work and non work related discussions, managers will be able to determine the characteristics of the individuals and what makes them tick, which is extremely important when it comes to business coaching.