Managers as Coaches

Coaching a group of individuals in a business is a tricky task, but can often play a key role in the achievement or non-achievement of goals. Some of the best managers of a businesses will not only have the necessary management skills required to run a business, but will also be effective coaches who can get the best out of their workers.

What Makes a Good Business Coach?

A good business coach will have a number of characteristics which make them good at the task. The best coaches realise the need for continuous improvement of their own skills, and fortunately, even someone who does not posses certain qualities or is lacking in certain areas can become more proficient through attending business coaching courses which help with their development.

Although it is one of their primary functions, a coach does more than just support, encourage and inspire. There needs to be a purpose or reason for the coaching. By determining and setting goals, an employee has a target to work towards, and the implementation of a deadline can often provide the necessary motivation for actually getting on with things, rather than procrastinating and putting things off for another, undetermined day sometime in the future.

Business coaches also understand that often true success comes from people working as a team rather than simply a collection of individuals. By emphasising and developing team work within the business, the coach will help instil the feeling amongst workers that the goals of the business come before individual achievements.