All Individuals are Different

A large number of managers make the classic mistake of believing that the same factors which motivated and incentivised them when they worked in the role that their employees are currently in will have the same effect on them as it did on the manager back in the day.

Different People are Motivated by Different Things

It is important that managers and supervisors who are attempting to increase motivation and/or productivity amongst their workforce remember that each individual member of the team will have different factors which motivate them to increase their performance. An incentive scheme which may have a really strong effect on one person may have little effect on another, and may even produce the opposite reaction in that it causes a decrease in desire to work hard on the task in question.

Business Coaching Will Help a Manager Determine What Motivates Their Individual Employees

A highly effective strategy to perform before introducing a blanket incentive scheme is to use business coaching sessions to talk to each member of the team and determine what exactly are their goals and hopes at work, to which bonuses can be tailored towards fulfilling these needs. For example whilst some workers would like additional responsibility and job enrichment or diversity in their job role, others may hate any attempt to alter their normal working day routine (Related Article: Some Workers Like to Feel That They Can Advance).

Business Coaching is Not Just for Overcoming Problems

So talking to employees and engaging in business coaching with them can not only be utilised when there are problems or issues which need to be resolved, but can also be an extremely powerful tool at a manager's disposal to help them learn more information about their workforce, which can then be used in trying to increase the performance of a team which is already working well. This can increase the financial profitability of the company which will ultimately be what any commercial organisation will be striving for.