Don't Let Too Much Time PAss Before Giving Feedback

It is best to give feedback as soon as possible and as close to the event that has brought about the feedback - whether positive or negative - taking place. This is to ensure that the correct facts and reasons are given before they are forgotten due to the passing of time and other tasks and situations cropping up. It may also be the case that the actions of the employee need correcting urgently before they make the same mistake again.

Obviously feedback sessions will need to take place at a time when both parties are free to break off from their workplace activities and attend the meeting, but they need to be scheduled as soon as is reasonably practical rather than just an arbitrary date in the future.

Sometimes a Little Time May Be Neccessary

The only possible exception to the "as soon as possible" rule for feedback is when the manager intends to give strong negative feedback. This is because it is likely to come as a result of the employee doing something (or not doing something) which has had a serious detrimental effect upon the business or its reputation in some way. If this is the case, emotions may still be running high which could not only cause the manager to give unobjective and biased feedback, but can also quickly develop into an argument or shouting match which gets neither side very far in putting things right and ensuring that lessons are learned and the same mistake does not happen again in the future. It may be a wise choice to delay the feedback session until at least the next day to give everybody time to cool off and be in a more objective frame of mind.