Managers Need to Dedicate Time Towards Business Coaching

One of the key elements of being a successful business coach to your employees is the process of two-way communication so that feedback can be given and problems discussed which are preventing the employee from reaching their full potential. In order for this communication to happen a manager must have time available to dedicate to their employees.

Even Managers With The Best Intentions Can Struggle For Time

A manager who is having to constantly deal with problems will not have this time available. Even if they started out with good intentions and made time available to coach their staff, if the coaching sessions are frequently interrupted by the phone ringing or other people knocking on the door and interrupting with urgent queries and questions then the flow of ideas and coherent structure of the dialogue will be spoilt and neither the manager nor the person receiving the coaching will get much out of the session as they will not be able to concentrate and focus properly.

Managers in this situation will not have the opportunity, or may even not recognise, that by taking the short-term "pain" of spending time on coaching an employee, they will gain in the long-term by giving that employee the skills, knowledge and confidence to tackle the same or similar issue by themselves in the future (provided that the manager gives them this authority of course), and so will not need to use any of the manager's time in the future. If it is an issue that will occur frequently, the time spent now will pay off on numerous occasions over the course of the future.