Developing Trust in Business Coaching Sessions

A large part of business coaching involves developing trust and a rapport between the coach and the person being coached. This enables them to talk openly and honestly about the barriers and issues which are preventing the individual from being the best worker that they can be. Only by discussing these problems can effective solutions and changes be introduced to help overcome them. Without this openness, the coaching sessions are likely to be fairly silent affairs where neither side gets much out of the encounter.

Business Coaching and Team Building

Team building can greatly assist a manager performing business coaching with their team

For this reason team building and business coaching fit well together as the bonds established on the team building programmes between a manager and their workers will be conducive to this open discussion. Usually, either managers and certain employees will not talk very much during the normal business day, or managers will be viewed by employees as frightening individuals always giving commands who cannot hold a "normal" two-way conversation. By seeing managers doing other activities and maybe even just by wearing non-formal clothes (remember how strange it was when you were at school to see a teacher in everyday clothes?!), they begin to lose the air of mystery and scariness surrounding them.

This can mean that if you are a manager who is thinking about starting a series of business coaching sessions with your employees, and you do not know or feel that comfortable about talking with your employees in an informal coaching environment, then running a team building or team development programme first can be of major benefit.

Why is Communication So Important?

The best working relationships happen when people feel comfortable talking to each other. It will make little difference whether they are colleagues of equal status in the company hierarchy, or a manager and an employee; the statement is still the same. If they are afraid or unwilling to communicate with each other, productivity is likely to be lower than it could be if they collaborated on projects. It could even cause mistakes to be made that not only cost the company money, but are also a danger to health and safety if something was missed which led to an accident occurring.

Team Building Programmes from the Business Learning Foundation

Our team building programmes have a clear commercial theme which provides far greater benefits for the company than a simple activity day out. Whilst they are still fun and get people to talk and communicate with each other, the commercial theme also allows them to collaborate in achieving business tasks. Although these business tasks may be fictional, the same level of communication can be used by those involved when back in the workplace to solve real business issues. So not only do our team building and development programmes increase communication amongst a group of employees, but they also result in real commercial benefits for the organisation. This is particularly the case when combined with our other training provisions such as bespoke management training or essential selling skills.

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