Business Coaching for Long-Term and Sustainable Performance

Aside from making changes to working practices or other areas/issues affecting a person's professional life and career, one of the most desired outcomes of business coaching is ensuring that changes to performance can be sustained going forward without the need for support from the business coach. Whilst many senior managers and directors choose to receive business and executive coaching on an indefinite basis, for middle managers and employees the training and development budget is highly unlikely to stretch to accommodate continuous support from a business coach. Although one-off refresher sessions may be able to be scheduled at a later date, for most people there will come a point where the support of a coach is no longer available and they need to be able to stand upon their own two feet to overcome challenges and issues.

Providing the Tools to Overcome Many Challenges

The majority of business coaching provisions have an objective not of solving a particular problem, but giving a person the tools needed to overcome this and similar issues which may arise during the course of their current or future working life. Rather than just solving one issue, providing the person with the ability to overcome it will stand them in much better stead when other challenges come their way, giving them a greater chance of overcoming them by themselves without needing the assistance of a business coach or mentor again.

These tools can take the form of a number of different items, depending upon the nature of the challenge and the current skill sets of the individual in question, but can include:

  • Training courses to increase knowledge, ability and skills which the person can utilise to overcome challenges or avoid such problems being created in the first place
  • Increased confidence regarding ability and effectiveness at dealing with problems
  • Increased and improved interpersonal skills. Many issues come about through a lack of assertiveness or poor communication and teamworking, so addressing these concerns can provide significant benefits to a business going forward

There are many more besides, and conducting regular reviews of performance both during the business coaching meetings, and indeed afterwards if possible, will enable the coach or manager to better identify what additional support is required in order to get the person to a position where they will be able to manage without the coach going forward. There is little point in putting all of that effort in (not to mention the expense of calling in an external business coach) if the individual will then either forget it all soon afterwards or struggle and need help whenever a similar problem comes their way. The person needs to be able to survive on their own once the business coach is no longer available, and so the work that is done between the coach and the individual needs to take this into account right from the initial planning stage. Long-term sustainability should always be a goal.


Conducting regular performance reviews not only serves to identify difficulties which the person may be having in solving the particular problem they are struggling with at this moment in time, but can also highlight the areas and additional training which may be required in order to provide long-term benefits and allow the individual to overcome other challenges in the future.