Below is a selection of some of the wonderful feedback we have received over the years here at the Business Learning Foundation for our business coaching programmes. Our clients are now applying business coaching techniques on real business challenges and are adding value to their company by delivering results quickly and easily.

The testimonials below range from managing directors, senior management teams and middle management. Names have been witheld for confidentiality reasons.

"The BCF ILM Level 5 coaching programme is an excellent course for anyone involved with coaching. It teaches you theories and gives you practical experience of coaching. All felt very comfortable and I learnt lots of new skills. Thank you."

Senior Trainer (Design) - Nationwide Building Society

"I liked the interactive sessions; very challenging but so valuable. It's an excellent programme - very clear and easy to follow as well as thought-provoking. I've taken a lot from it and believe that I will be able going forward to use the learning back in my workplace."

Training Design and Planning Manager - Nationwide Building Society

"I found this course very rewarding and a very practical, informative and comprehensive introduction to coaching."

Head of HR - IG Index plc

"Excellent; will use in training, meetings, feedback, problem solving etc. Very focused on results."

Training Consultant - Matalan

"Overall I feel this experience will absolutely enhance my performance as a business coach. I love it when you come away from a development programme with lots of practical tips that can be applied in the workplace immediately. Worth taking two days out of the office; can see real return on investment. Well facilitated, informal, interesting with plenty of healthy discussions."

Coaching & Development Manager - Avon Cosmetics

"Simple, thought provoking course with easy to implement models. Definitely amongst the top three courses I have attended in the last 20 years."

HR Business Partner - Avon Cosmetics

"Everything was FANTASTIC. The practice sessions were brilliant."

Training Manager - HSA Healthcare

"Provides ideas, processes and insight into coaching at the appropriate level and depth to enable successful results."

Training & Development Manager - Wellington Underwriting plc

"An excellent course - challenging, rewarding and informative. One of the best I've ever been on."

Regional Training Consultant - Wesleyan Financial Services Group

"The programme sustained high quality content and debate throughout and must give the delegates greater capacity and confidence to tackle their coaching challenges."

Director - Hunter Kane

"This is the first BCF course that I have attended and I was very impressed not only with the course content and structure of the course, but also the quality of the trainer. As a result of my experience I will definitely consider the BCF for course provision in the future."

Superintendent - Gloucestershire Constabulary

"I really enjoyed the session and feel as though my objective of creating a coaching framework for myself has been met. The tools introduced throughout the programme have given me confidence that I now have a full coaching kit bag to put to use whenever I find myself in a coaching conversation."

Senior HR BP - Molson Coors

"Having been a practising coach for a few years, this programme was the first formal training I have attended. It enabled me to fine tune my current skills, practise some new ones, learn about different structures/techniques, and more importantly become a more rounded coach."

HR BP - Molson Coors

"I thought the course was brilliant and quite life changing (not wishing to be too dramatic about it). I came away a changed person."

HR Business Partner - Atos

"A fun and very effective way to learn about improving performance by unlocking an individual's potential and increasing personal accountability. Very practical - you walk out of the programme with the basic skills; the rest is for you to develop through practice in your own business environment."

Group Head Product Strategic Alliance - Mastercard

"Excellent. Very easy to apply."

Training Manager - Tokyo Mitsubishi

"An excellent programme; challenging and thought provoking, supported by plenty of practical tips to apply in the workplace."

Training Manager - Reliance Security Services Ltd

"The programme equips you with the sufficiant and simple tools to take coaching into the arena of performance improvement with confidence."

Head of Global IT Support & Relationship Management - Allen & Overy

"The unique coaching models that the BCF have taught me have been put into practice twice and it's fantastic. In each session I had immediate success in achieving the desired results."

Admin Control Manager - International Finance Data Services

"An intensive programme delivered by a highly effective and knowledgeable tutor, who helped dispell several of the myths and offer insights into the increasingly important field of business coaching. I particularly liked the knowledge, experience and humour of the tutor who could use numerous examples from real life to illustrate often complex situations."

Managing Partner - Vodera Ltd

"A really good way to start the coaching journey, hosted by an extremely knowledgeable person who added fun to the learning."

Chief Trainer - BaxterStorey

"I really enjoyed the business coaching programme and can see a good value in bringing these skills into our business."

Training and Development Director - BaxterStorey

"An excellent combination of theory and practice which helped everybody on the course grow in confidence and visibly improve their coaching techniques."

Managing Director - Bob Evans Management Solutions

"This course was well balanced and challenging. It demanded and maintained my full attention and interest, which meant I really did learn during the three days with Dave."

HR Manager - Fitzroy

"The practical application was excellent."

HR Director - Kenwood

"I am motivated to give confidence to others in a style that suits them, and not just me, to gain self development. I would recommend this to others without fail."

Team Supervisor - DAS Legal Expenses Insurers

"I have found this programme to be positive, well presented and paced perfectly for me. I have grown in self confidence and I believe that as well as giving me a new skill, it has enhanced my present skills as a nurse and counsellor."

Health & Counselling Manager - DAS Legal Expenses Insurers

"Definitely a good return on investment. Once again getting value for money from the BCF!"

Director of Human Resources - Hendrickson Europe Ltd

"An excellent course! Having attended a 2 day coaching course by another company I am able to compare the difference in the standard by the BCF, which I highly rate. The course was practical, delivery was exceptional and the course trainer very capable. I would recommend anyone who wants to take coaching seriously to book themselves with the BCF."

Managing Director - Hillcroft House UK Ltd

"The first course I have been on for some time that really challenged me."

Head of IS - NSK Ltd

"What an excellent course. I've been on many courses where you get tons of theory but it's too much effort to put into practice. This is massively different - practical, fun and easy!"

Founder President - Professional Speakers Association

"The programme is a practical approach to coaching, and always referred back to what you can do in your business."

Training Manager - Debenhams

"The course was very well prepared and expertly executed by David Jackson - very professional with specific attention to making it relevant for the target audience. I would recommend to anyone."

Tax Manager - ENRC

"Excellent delivery, professional and engaging. Highly recommended."

IT Manager - ENRC

"The course is well lead and presented. The practical examples and role plays put a 'real' face to situations which we encounter day to day."

Corporate Accountant - ENRC

"I found the real play scenario training really good because I have been in so many of these HR meetings as a manager and employee and I have never been able to see the alternative discussions/outcomes; or how to do it differently."

Senior Group Reporting Accountant - ENRC

"I really enjoyed the whole course. It was straightforward, easy to follow, great pace and Dave really worked well in ensuring the group got to mix. This was an inspirational course which gave you the skills, knowledge and competency to develop your coaching skills. I would highly recommend it as it is challenging and nurturing at the same time. You leave feeling inspired to achieve great things, and you gain clarity over some of your own issues."

Training Consultant - TPS

"The course was a very practical business-focused three days. It helped dispell the myths around coaching and provided all the ground work in order to allow me to develop my coaching skills. The trainer was insightful and pragmatic and everything was driven towards 'real world'."

Head of Human Resources - On Demand Group Ltd