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Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Our society, and therefore our workplaces, are full of individuals with very different backgrounds, beliefs, values and attitudes. With such diversity conflict, at some point, is inevitable.

This course will consider what conflict is as well as its impact and role in the workplace. We will consider some of the triggers for workplace conflict and how it develops before looking at a number of different ways of managing it.

  • Approximate time to complete: 1 hour
  • Approved by CPD

Course Syllabus

The online Conflict Resolution in the Workplace course is made up of the following modules. Each module requires a minimum 70% pass mark in the multiple choice assessment at the end of each module before being able to progress to the next one.

  • Module 1: The Causes and Symptoms of Conflict at Work
  • Module 2: Resolving Conflict
  • Module 3: The Five Conflict Modes
  • Module 4: Using the Modes
  • Module 5: Assertiveness
  • Module 6: Making Positive Outcomes

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