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Data Protection in the Workplace

All companies have a legal requirement to keep the personal information of their customers and employees safe. Combine this with the serious damage to a business's reputation which comes from any loss or theft of data, and the inevitable drop in sales and trust, and it becomes obvious as to why all firms need to take data protection seriously.

The Data Protection in the Workplace online course provides information on the benefits of good data safety, the Data Protection Act, creating a data protection policy, handling requests for personal data and more (the full syllabus can be seen below).

  • Approximate time to complete: 2 hours
  • Approved by CPD

Course Syllabus

The online Data Protection in the Workplace course is made up of the following modules. Each module requires a minimum 70% pass mark in the multiple choice assessment at the end of each module before being able to progress to the next one.

  • Module 1: Benefits of Good Data Safety
  • Module 2: Rights and Conditions
  • Module 3: The Data Protection Act
  • Module 4: Data Sharing and Security
  • Module 5: Creating a Data Protection Policy
  • Module 6: Putting it Into Practice
  • Module 7: Handling the Requests for Personal Data

Single User Licence

A single-user licence can be purchased for £29.99 + vat

Multiple Licences

Discounts are available for purchases of more than one licence at a time. Current pricing bands are:

  • 2-9 Licences: £26.99 + vat per licence
  • 10-49 Licences: £24.99 + vat per licence
  • 50-99 Licences: £22.99 + vat per licence
  • 100+ Licences: £19.99 + vat per licence