For those who would find it difficult to attend a classroom-based training course, the next best thing is an online e-learning course.

Whilst many of our accredited business coaching and mangement qualifications are too comprehensive to be suitable as an online course - at least for those who care about learning enough information to pass the assessments - we do offer the ILM Level 3 Leadership and Management qualification as an online course at both the Award and Certificate level.

Online Training Courses

Our online courses provide a comprehensive overview of various topics related to business, management, sales skills and individual development. The courses range in duration but will take approximately 2-4 hours to watch the videos and complete the assessments. There are no time limits or expiry dates, and you can stop and resume the training from where you left off at any time, giving you full flexibility over your learning.

Useful Guide e-Books

Our Useful Guides are a fantastic range of interpersonal skills and personal development e-Books, packed full of tips, advice, exercises and toolkits.

They can be downloaded individually or you could choose to build your own library and make these resources available to your entire organisation with unlimited downloads. Whether you are wishing to develop new skills, find a new way of learning at your own pace or provide some additional learning material for your staff, the Useful Guides will not disappoint.