Training & Development e-Books

The Business Learning Foundation acquired its own publishing branch in 2012 called Pansophix. The Pansophix Useful Guides are a fantastic range of soft skills and personal development e-Books, packed full of tips, advice, exercises and toolkits.

They can be downloaded individually or you could choose to build your own library and make these resources available to your entire organisation with unlimited downloads. Whether you are wishing to develop new skills, find a new way of learning at your own pace or provide some additional learning material for your staff the Useful Guides will not disappoint. Many of our clients use the Useful Guides as an additional resource to support any face to face training, and the download figures to help them with their training needs analysis.

With an ever growing library of publications to choose from to offer your workforce, we continue to commission passionate authors with significant business experience to write about their specialist topics, with Guides available on issues such as health & safety, management training, business coaching, personal development, and many more.

Please see below for the complete list of Useful Guides. Clicking on the "Read More" button will take you to that Guide's detailed description and purchase information.

This short Useful Guide explains the benefits and principles of appraisals, and their use within a business.
This Useful Guide is suitable for you if you would like to develop your assertiveness in both personal and business situations.
This Useful Guide will help you to become (or remain if you already are!) a 'good boss' with happy and highly productive team.
This Useful Guide contains numerous tips which focus on weight, energy levels, stress levels and your immune system.
This Useful Guide is great if you would like to use ethical and authentic ways to get your point across and influence others.
This Guide will teach what resilience is, why it's important and how you can develop it in yourself and in your relationships.
This Useful Guide is ideal for those needing to understand about budgeting and its importance for decisions.
The 102-page A Useful Guide to Business Cases will help you with presenting, securing and making good business decisions.
This Guide will help you assess where you are now in your career, where you want to be, and look at ways to help you get there.
This Useful Guide looks at why cash flow is important, how to measure and manage it, and where to look for further advice.
This Useful Guide shows you how to communicate effectively with others; in various written forms as well as verbally.
This Useful Guide strips away the mysteries surrounding competencies by providing a clear, step by step guide.
This Useful Guide allows you to look critically at yourself and decide who you really want to be, with emphasis on your health.
This Guide helps customer service providers understand the importance of their role and develops essential skills.
If you are looking for help in building or reviewing your CV, with lots of tips and tactics, then this Useful Guide is for you.
Find out how small actions can make big differences to your approach to life and ease the feelings of pressure along the way.
This Guide gives you powerful strategies for dealing with 7 difficult types of behaviour that you are likely to meet in the workplace.
This Useful Guide is for you if you would like to learn how to delegate effectively, and/or you have difficulty "letting go" of tasks.
This Useful Guide bridges the gap between the "knowing" and "doing" of delivering memorable training to adults.
This Useful Guide will assist you in understanding equality and diversity, and their importance in the workplace.
This Useful Guide is a "live" document which is used to determine and monitor progress of your change initiative.
This Useful Guide provides helpful advice and tips on what action to take to get back into employment after redundancy.
A Useful Guide to Feedback will help the reader to determine when, and how, to give appropriate feedback.
This Guide presents a wider view of finance and its impact on everyone working in a business organisation.
This Useful Guide has been written to help the elderly and retired who, as a group, present any easy target.
This Useful Guide helps you to set your personal goals in a way that maximises the chances of you achieving them.
This Useful Guide will look at how to handle the media; both in good times and in the event of a crisis.
A Useful Guide to Hypnosis explains how to use hypnosis in coaching, mentoring and a business context.
This short Useful Guide is for anyone who might one day need to hire additional staff or replace a team member.
This Useful Guide has been designed as a practical resource to help you impress in interviews and secure employment.
A Useful Guide to Interviewing is suitable for both interviewers and those being interviewed.
A Useful Guide to LinkedIn takes you through an overview of LinkedIn and the relevant elements of your profile.
This Useful Guide is concerned with the role and importance of listening within business communication, and how to do it better.
This Useful Guide is aimed at managers and leaders. It is not about punishment but about preventing the need for it.
This Useful Guide takes you through why it is important to manage conduct for the organisation, manager and employee.
This Useful Guide takes you through the key principles of good e-mail management with practical steps and tips.
This Useful Guide promotes a new approach to managing manual handling and company manual handling training.
In A Useful Guide to Managing Meetings you will find hints, tips, checklists and exercises to help you manage meetings better.
This Useful Guide to Managing Money uses simple language to explain the essential concepts of financial management.
This Useful Guide provides step by step guidance to the straightforward things you can do to manage people effectively.
As a manager, if you want to get the best out of your people, then this Useful Guide will show you how to do it.
This Useful Guide provides you with a clear understanding of what a project is, and how to manage one effectively.
This Useful Guide is for managers who want practical guidance on how to manage the sickness absence of their staff.
A Useful Guide to Managing Teams identifies exactly what you need to focus on to create a great team that delivers.
This Useful Guide is suitable for you if you are considering taking on a mentor role or looking for a mentor.
Reading this Useful Guide will make you ready to take minutes at any type of meeting with confidence.
Discover all about motivation in this Useful Guide, and learn how to be a better motivator of others in the workplace.
This Useful Guide is suitable for people in all sectors and organisation types who require powerful negotiation skills.
This Useful Guide provides an insight into how the top networkers do it, and helps in building up your own network.
Many people have used the NLP approaches in this Useful Guide to help them develop their business and improve their lives.
This Useful Guide highlights ideas and concepts from using NLP in a coaching and mentoring context.
This Useful Guide will assist you in recognising the role that anxiety plays in your life, and how to reduce its impact.
This Guide will help you to understand the performance coaching process and the key skills necessary to become a great.
If you want to learn about how to build your reputation and create your personal brand, then this is the Useful Guide for you.
In this Useful Guide you'll learn some key techniques to managing your own thinking and behaviour - without all the jargon.
This Guide provides a framework around which to plan for the future in a way that empowers you and those working with you.
This Useful Guide covers all aspects of a successful presentation, from first design through to the actual presentation itself.
This Useful Guide is based on the Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® best practice guidance.
This Useful Guide will help you work your way through fixing your problem with a practical, step-by-step approach.
This Useful Guide gives you a basic guidance to, and the principles of, process mapping from a business perspective.
This Useful Guide helps you to develop your confidence, and ultimately to actually enjoy the experience of speaking in public.
This Useful Guide shows you how to write high quality reports using some simple and effective tools and techniques.
This Useful Guide provides you with tips and advice on how you can deal with and resolve situations of conflict.
This Useful Guide is a simple guide to teaching your baby (6 months+) to go to sleep alone and stay asleep all night.
Working through this Useful Guide gives you the skills and tools you need to assess whether the risk is worth the potential gain.
After working through this Useful Guide you will be far more effective at making those important phone calls.
This Useful Guide provides a palatable array of products to help you manage yourself more effectively.
This Useful Guide highlights the importance for health of adopting good posture at your workstation.
This Useful Guide ensures you have a solid understanding of social media, why you should use it and how to obtain maximum benefit.
This Useful Guide looks at the importance of SWOT for a business and how to carry out a robust and relevant SWOT analysis.
This Useful Guide assists in the improvement of communication and productiveness of a team within any organisation.
This Useful Guide is intended for both team leaders and team members, helping each side to create a more productive team.
This Useful Guide is for you if you would like to manage your time, so that you do what you need to and still have time for yourself.
This Useful Guide will help the reader to determine the training needs of an individual, a team and/or a group of teams.
This Useful Guide looks at why return on investment is such an important figure for businesses when planning and evaluating strategy.
A Useful Guide to Work Life Balance helps you to identify what's out of balance for you, and to make the changes necessary.